Our Market Expertise

Food Ingredients

Food ingredients often require long shelf lives, and spray drying is an effective way to achieve that without the use of preservatives. Whether it be proteins, chelating agents, hydrocolloids, specialty lipids or colors, American Custom Drying transforms your liquid food ingredients into stable, free flowing powders.

We have a fully equipped analytical lab capable of doing protein, fat, moisture, particle size and myriad assays to ensure your ingredient meets your specifications, this includes issuing a certificate of analysis for each lot produced.

Vitamins and Minerals

Spray drying vitamins and minerals require attention to detail in order to retain maximum potency, since they contain heat-sensitive active components.

Our state-of-the-art dedicated spray dryer transforms both water (cyanocobalamin, pyridoxine hydrochloride, citric acid etc.) and fat-soluble vitamins (retinol, phylloquinone etc.) into shelf-stable powders with high potency. With precise temperature controls throughout the drying process, we encapsulate the vitamin on your desired carrier that meets your specification for your ultimate end-product.


Microencapsulating and spray drying flavors offer many advantages, one being that the process can handle both water and oil-soluble systems. American Custom Drying works with your formula to mold a process specific to your ingredient, helping to exponentially extend the shelf life, improve resistance to oxidation and heat, and prevent flavors from reacting with other ingredients in the final product.

With an onsite analytical lab that runs 24/7, we can run assays to ensure that we deliver the highest quality and consistent product.


Fragrances often react with other ingredients in formulations. To prevent these reactions, fragrances are often microencapsulated by spray drying. Becoming the standard over the last decade, American Custom Drying can microencapsulate via spray drying and has the ability to handle both oil-soluble and water-soluble systems.

Working with your formula, we develop a custom process that takes into account the type of fragrance, the composition of the carrier and any utilized cosolvents to determine optimum operational drying conditions.


Spray drying cosmetic ingredients have unique requirements that serve very specific functions within a product. We have the technical acumen to spray dry your cosmetic ingredients like emulsifiers, surfactants, waxes or nutraceuticals, into free-flowing powders that meet or exceed your expectations.

With technological advantages like precise heat control and a static fluid bed built into our dedicated specialty ingredients dryer, we are able to process your cosmetic ingredients with bioactives to retain maximum activity in the end product.

Personal Care

Personal care ingredients like dimethicone, sodium lauryl sulfate, B Vitamins and other nutraceuticals are commonly spray dried and used in items like hair shampoo and conditioner. American Custom Drying has the ability to dry these and other personal care ingredients by spray drying or spray chilling to maximize ingredient potency.

Our adherence to strict GMPs, Quality Control and Quality Assurance guarantees your spray dried personal care products will retain maximum efficacy and create a consistently high quality finished good on which you can rely.

Soft Chemicals

Offering customized processing with access to dedicated dryers for soft chemicals, American Custom Drying is a one-stop turnkey solution to toll manufacturing. With six decades of experience in processing silicas, peroxides, latex, adhesives, sealants and more, we take your formula and develop custom processes to dry your ingredient with maximum efficiency, cost savings and flexible packaging solutions (super sacks, drums, boxes and pails).