Processing Capabilities

American Custom Drying offers a wide range of spray drying capabilities for transforming liquid ingredients into shelf stable powders. Our team of process engineers and operators is dedicated to providing excellent service and optimizing critical process parameters for high-quality, cost-effective manufacturing. We can either use your provided liquid or create it on-site, before drying and packaging.

Microencapsulated Spray Drying

  • Micro-encapsulate flavors, fragrances, vitamins, minerals or lipids via high shear and homogenization
  • Onsite analytical laboratory capable of measuring liquid droplet size and particle size
  • Oil loads up to 70% depending carrier

Toll Spray Drying

  • 7 Spray dryers of various sizes
  • Food and soft chemical dedicated dryers
  • Campaign sizes as low as 500 lbs
  • Equipped with in-line metal detection and magnets

Spray Chilling

  • Use steam box and chillers to maximize production rate year-round.
  • Ability to work with waxes, hard fats and blends.

Liquid Batching

  • Jacketed tanks with precision temperature control for chemical reactions.
  • Customizable batching set ups using heat exchangers, filters and pumps.
  • Onsite silos for liquid storage that direct supply the batch rooms.

Trial Capabilities

  • 2 dryers with full batching capabilities
  • Product characteristics and dryer settings are scalable to commercial dryers
  • Batch sizes as small as 20 gallons

Silo Storage

  • Stainless silo storage with heating and agitation
  • Ability to store up to 350,000 gallons

Bulk Packaging

  • Our packaging options: super sacks, drums, pails, and poly-lined bags.

  • Offer bulk density control to ensure proper fit into desired packaging.
  • Equipped with inline metal detection and metal detectors for the packaged goods.