Our Market Expertise

Food Ingredients

Food ingredients often require long shelf lives, and spray drying is an effective way to achieve that without the use of preservatives. Whether it be proteins, chelating agents, hydrocolloids, food additives, or specialty lipids, American Custom Drying transforms your liquid food ingredients into stable, free flowing powders.

Vitamins and Minerals

Spray drying vitamins and minerals require attention to detail in order to retain maximum potency, since they contain heat-sensitive active components.

We are experienced in microencapsulating and spray drying both water and fat-soluble vitamins into shelf stable powers with high potency.  


Microencapsulating and spray drying flavors is a great way to increase shelf life. Our dryers are capable handling campaigns as low as 250 lbs. We have the experience and expertise to provide input on the selection of carriers and how they perform in the dryers.


Microencapsulating and spray drying fragrances is a great way to manage the time release of the fragrance. Our dryers are capable of producing aerosol quality particle sizes.


Spray drying cosmetic ingredients have unique requirements that serve very specific functions within a product. We have the technical insight to spray dry your cosmetic ingredients such as emulsifiers, surfactants, waxes or nutraceuticals, into free-flowing powders that retain maximum activity in the end product.

Personal Care

Personal care ingredients like dimethicone, sodium lauryl sulfate, B Vitamins and other nutraceuticals are commonly spray dried and used in hair shampoos and conditioners. American Custom Drying has the ability to dry these and other personal care ingredients by spray drying or spray chilling to maximize ingredient potency.

Soft Chemicals

American Custom Drying has dryers dedicated to processing soft chemicals such as silicas, peroxides, latex, surfactants, chelants, and more.