Delivering Precise Oil Encapsulation Solutions using ACD’s Microencapsulation Spray Drying Process

ACD Meets Customer Needs for Custom MCT Oil Powder

In the competitive industry of nutraceuticals and functional foods, precise delivery methods are essential for maximizing the efficacy and stability of key ingredients. ACD recently collaborated with a customer seeking a reliable and efficient solution for microencapsulating medium-chain triglyceride (MCT) oil, a popular food-based ingredient.


Prior Challenges: Sourcing Consistency

The Customer previously relied on an external supplier for their microencapsulated MCT oil. However, they encountered inconsistencies in quality and difficulty achieving their desired product specifications. They approached ACD seeking a partner capable of replicating their existing formula while ensuring optimal performance.


Microencapsulation via Spray Drying

ACD’s team of Engineers leveraged their extensive knowledge of spray drying and microencapsulating to design a solution for the customer. By working closely with the customer, ACD was able to:

  1. Replicate the Formula: The customer provided a draft existing formula, including the desired moisture level, oil load and carrier options. ACD’s team analyzed the specifications and created formula options to trial on its Pilot Plant.
  2. Customizable Powder Production: ACD ran a series of trials dialing in the Spray drying parameters to ensure precise control over the final powder’s characteristics, ensuring the MCT oil meets the customer’s specific requirements for functionality and application.
  3. Meeting the Customer Needs: Through effective communication and collaboration, ACD addressed the customer’s challenges and delivered a microencapsulated MCT oil powder that perfectly aligned with their needs.


ACD is Your Partner for Precise Microencapsulation Solutions

This successful collaboration between ACD and the customer exemplifies our commitment to client satisfaction and innovation in microencapsulation technology. ACD’s expertise in spray drying and ability to translate customers’ specifications into high-quality, precisely formulated powders empower businesses like yours to unlock the full potential of their oil-based ingredients.