Spray Drying

ACD has been offering contract spray drying services to the food and technical industries for over 46 years. Our talented team of process engineers and operations personnel give us the insight necessary to identify and optimize process parameters that are critical for achieving a high-quality, cost-effective manufacturing procedure that is essential for success in today’s competitive markets.

Raw Materials Handling

  • 500,000 Gallons Liquid storage
  • 10 Dairy Grade Stainless Steel Silos
  • Allergen Segregation Program


Wet-Side Capabilities

  • Four 1,000 gallon mixing tanks
  • Liquid-liquid mixing and powder-liquid mixing
  • Multi-step reaction chemistry
  • High shear mixing
  • Hydrolyzation (Enzymatic and/or Chemical)
  • Homogenization
  • Pasteurization
  • Heat exchanger temperature control
  • Aeration
  • Filtration: nylon, carbon, and diatomaceous earth filters
  • Liquid specifications testing: active ingredient, pH, solids content, particle size, and more
  • DI water available


Tower Dryers

  • Three Commercial Dryers (Two Dedicated Food Dryers – Kosher and One Dedicated Non-Food Dryer)
  • One Pilot Plant Dryer (Food and Non-Food Uses)
  • Atomization (Hydraulic, High-Pressure and Two-Fluid Available)
  • Flow-Agent Addition Capabilities
  • High KST Suppression System (Technical, Non-Food Dryer)
  • Dehumidifier (Dryer 5)
  • Fluid Bed (Dryer 5)


Finished Powdered Handling

  • Sweco Sifter and Screen
  • Inline Metal Detection
  • Packaging: Custom Labels and Bags Available, Drums, Pails, Super Sacks, Valve Pack Bags, Open Mouth Bags


Evaporation Rates (lbs H2O/hr)

  • Dryer # 1(Food): 1500-4000
  • Dryer # 4(Technical): 3000-4500
  • Dryer # 3(Pilot Scale): 100-450
  • Dryer #5 (Food): 200