21 Feb 2018

Newly Installed Food Grade Spray Dryer

American Custom Drying is proud to introduce their newly installed food grade spray dryer (Dryer 5), this adds to their existing line of food grade spray drying systems. An innovative addition for their customers, the installment of Dryer 5 is perfect for high margin specialty ingredients such as flavors, colors, proteins, and oil encapsulation.

American Custom Drying’s brand new dryer has immense qualities, capabilities, and characteristics designed to help manufacture and produce customers’ ingredients efficiently. This food-grade only unit has a USDA certified CIP system for the dryer chamber as well as the product baghouse.  This feature ensures a thorough cleaning procedure as well as GMP compliance for every product campaign.  The new Dryer 5 has a 50-300 lbs./hr. water evaporation rate capacities. This varies depending on the material, % solids, and other parameters specific to their customers’ individual project requirements. Some of the other remarkable benefits of their new dryer include a heat exchanger, automatic temperature control, variable dryer configurations, and a fluid bed.  Complex batching, wet processing, open atmosphere reactions and enzymatic hydrolysis are some of the additional capabilities offered with this new system.

“Our new specialty food grade dryer produces high value functional ingredients such as encapsulated oils and flavors.  By partnering with ACD, our customers will now have the opportunity to expand their product base into new more profitable areas such as the nutraceutical and health ingredient markets,” says Marty Dansbury, Vice President of Business Development of American Custom Drying.

This new dryer can further assist their partners by expanding their product and process development requirements and capabilities.