Analytical Capabilities

Protein/Nitrogen analysis- Leco Model FP-528 Analyzer

Particle analysis- Beckman Coulter LS 13320 Laser Particle Size Analyzer

Bulk density- Quantachrome Autotap Model AT-1

Ash measurement- Phoenix microwave muffle furnace

Fat measurement- CEM SmartTrac programmed to match Mojonnier method

pH measurement- (temperature-compensated)

Moisture – CEM SmartTrac using microwave/CSC Moisture Balance/Mettler Moisture Balance/Karl Fischer Titrator

Scorched particle testing

Viscosity – Brookfield RVT and LVT viscometers

Mesh analysis- Tyler RX-29 Ro-Tap test sieve shaker

Solubility- Beckman Coulter centrifuge

Equipped to run customer specific titrations

  • Certified Outside Laboratories
    Accredited independent laboratories are used for complete microbiological analysis as well as analysis for heavy metals, melamine, pesticides, and aflatoxins.